Dental Cleanings

At Sonrise Dental, our commitment to your oral health begins with professional dental cleanings, a cornerstone of our general dentistry services.

Why Are Regular Dental Cleanings Important?

Regular dental cleanings at Sonrise Dental are vital for several reasons:

  • They remove plaque and tartar build-up that regular brushing and flossing can't reach.
  • They help prevent gum disease and tooth decay.
  • They enable early detection of potential dental issues for timely treatment.
  • They contribute to overall health by reducing the risk of diseases linked to oral hygiene.

What Happens During a Dental Cleaning Appointment?

At Sonrise Dental, a dental cleaning appointment includes:

  • Thorough removal of plaque and tartar from your teeth.
  • Polishing of teeth to remove surface stains.
  • Flossing between teeth for complete cleanliness.
  • A detailed dental examination to check for signs of decay or gum disease.
  • Tailored advice for improving your oral hygiene routine.

How Often Should I Get Dental Cleanings?

We recommend that you schedule dental cleanings at Sonrise Dental:

  • Every six months, to maintain optimal oral health.
  • More frequently if you have specific dental or health conditions that necessitate it.